Crown Reduction, Cleaning & Thinning

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Crown Height Reduction

It may be necessary to reduce the height or spread of a trees crown.

You may need to remove a large defective limb or reduce the shadow cast by the tree.

It takes a knowledgeable professional to reduce the height of the tree without damage to the tree.

Reduction should never be confused with “topping” or removal of the entire crown. This unsightly and highly damaging to the tree. It would never be recommended by a reputable professional as it promotes weak inferior epicormic sprouting and leaves large wounds which will never heal.

Crown Cleaning

Most amenity trees can benefit from a “Crown Clean” and “Thinning”.

Crown cleaning is the removal from the tree of all defective material, dead wood, stumps, broken branches and diseased material.

This remove all useless and unsightly material from the tree and redirects the vital energy of the tree into the remaining healthy areas of the tree.

Crown Height Reduction

Crown Thinning

Thinning can be carried out for a number of reasons. To reduce the chance of wind throw, to increase light penetrating the garden put primarily it is to improve the health of the tree. Thinning will allow light into the center of the tree and promote regenerative growth. It also increases air circulation reducing the accumulation of harmful fungi.