Firewood For Sale

Super-Fuel Firewood for Sale in Dublin

Seasoned Native Irish Hardwood Firewood is a super-fuel and we can deliver any amount to your door.

Call us now on 086-031 7103 to arrange a firewood delivery that will last you the whole Winter.

firewood for sale

Lowest Priced Firewood In Dublin

Our prices are the absolute lowest in the Dublin area. Do not be fooled by companies selling “Tonne Bags” for upwards of €150. A tonne bag only weighs a tonne when filled with wet sand. When filled with unstacked firewood it holds no more than four wheelbarrows and is less than a three weeks supply for your average hearth.

We sell our firewood by the dump truck load. You can also order a smaller amount like a half load or a quarter load. Our full load is delivered in a 3.5 tonne truck and contains approximately 100 cubic feet (over 3 cubic meters) of loose hardwood.

The cost of a full truck load native hardwood delivered locally is €250 and in our experience this can last the average hearth an year. Simply put that is the most competitive fuel price available in the greater Dublin area and is far more economical than oil.

Why Native Irish Hardwood?

Native Irish Hardwood is the ultimate super-fuel for many reasons.

When burned in a stove or boiler it is a highly efficient and cost effective way to heat your home.

It is a beautiful material and comforting to sit by a real fire on a dreary evening. Hardwood firewood in your fuel basket or neatly stacked by your hearth can add real character to a room.

Why is Firewood the most Eco-Friendly Fuel?

Native Irish Firewood is the ultimate Eco-Friendly Fuel. When burned hardwood only releases the same amount of CO2 and other gases as were absorbed by the tree during its growth making it carbon neutral or carbon negative (absorbing more carbon than it releases). This is because not all of the tree is burned as fuel the majority is recycled as mulch or decays as a stump locking the carbon safely in the soil as nutrient rich humus. A negligible amount of fossil fuels are burned in the harvesting of the firewood.

Most of the wood is harvested in the Dublin area brought to our yard, seasoned split and delivered usually in a radius of less than 20 miles. Compare that to highly polluting methods of finding exploiting and refining crude oil. Not to mention shipping it across the globe.

Call us now on 086-031 7103 to arrange a delivery of firewood to your door.

Delivery is free in Leinster