Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care – Control of Pests and Diseases

If you are worried that your trees or shrubs are suffering from a pest or disease, call us at now on 086-031 7103 and we will send a plant health care expert to your property to examine and diagnose the problem.

Tree Health Pest Control

Whether it is an insect pest or fungal infection we can identify the cause and treat the problem.

We practice an integrated pest management approach to plant health care.

This is the most modern philosophy of PHC which does not rely solely on the most harmful chemical applications.

Our methods involve using various cultural practices such as sanitation, pruning, mulching and feeding to ensure a healthy tree or shrub which is therefore better able to combat pests and diseases though its own natural mechanisms.

If your tree is exhibiting some very large and worrying “Fungal Fruiting Body” or “Mushroom” this is usually a sign that the tree has a cavity inside and the remaining timber is weakened by decay.

Our arborists can identify the species of fungus in question and using minimally invasive techniques to determine whether your tree is stable and safe or dangerous and needs to be removed.

Tree Health Care Cavity

Call us now on 086-031 7103 to arrange a no-obligation survey.