Tree Removal Example

This venerable old tree in excess of 200 years old  and 100 feet  high was a beautiful old specimen but sadly had gone into decline and began shedding large heavy boughs near a school playground and so had to be removed.

tree removal equipment

The tree was dismantled and removed by our expert arborists from a stately home on Killiney Hill in County Dublin.

expert tree removal

Our arborists used a specialist 100 foot hoist and state of the art rigging techniques and equipment to lower the branches safely to the ground.

tree removal leinster

The stem was then transported to a hardwood sawmill in bray where it was milled into clapboards. The clapboards were then used to clad an architects design studio in the Dublin mountains.

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Tree removal before

The tree was a Cupressus Macrocarpa also known as a Monterey Cypress. Macro ( big) Carpa ( body) is a very appropriate name for the largest tree species commonly found in Ireland.

Tree Removal Trunk