Tree Selection and Planting

Tree Selection and Planting Guide

Tree selection and planting is a technical process and if not done correctly will simply result in a weak unhealthy tree which will grow very slowly or even die.

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Tree Planting Guide

Useful Guidelines

  • Firstly the right tree species must be selected to suit the environmental conditions. These conditions may be extreme like very wet ground or salt spray from the sea meaning not all tree species will do well. The knowledge of a trained arborist will help you to choose the right species for the right location and purpose.
  • Once the species is chosen, good strong specimens must be selected. This means young trees that are vigorous and have good branch architecture.
  • Finally the trees must be planted, staked, watered-in and mulched correctly.
  • When planting the stake must be placed in the  ground first.
  • Next the level of the flare-root must be located in the root-ball and excess soil removed from the base of the stem above the flare-root. This is the most crucial part of planting because it decides the elevation at which the tree will be planted.
  • The tree should be planted in a pit with the flare root located a few inches above ground level in a conical mound. Remember the old saying “Plant them too high never die, plant them too low never grow”
  • The trees root ball is them firmed into the mound using good quality topsoil which is watered into the pit.
  • The tree is then strapped to the stake and at least three inches of mulch is applied to the area.