Large Tree Removal

Experts at Large Tree Removal

We at Leinster Tree Service are experts at Large Tree Removal. Our highly trained and NPTC certified crew can remove a large problem tree from any location quickly cost effectively and without fuss or damage to your property.

As always our crew works to the standard set down in Professional Standards ‘’BS 3998:2010” using the best equipment available and observing the absolute safest methods known to the industry.

We have 14 years experience in removing the largest trees from the trickiest locations with the use of cranes if necessary. See a recent Large Tree Removal Story here

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Large Tree Cutting

State of the Art Tree Removal Techniques

Usually a large problem tree can be carefully removed by our expert climbing arborists and ground staff using state of the art techniques to lower the tree piece by piece safely to the ground with minimum disturbance to the surrounding shrubs and flowers.

We are experts in removing trees or limbs which overhang buildings with absolutely no damage to the building. We have a range of machinery, tools and most importantly skills training and experience to get the job done right first time.

Tree Removal Insurance

We of course carry a full insurance policy of €13,000,000 for both Employee & Public Liability.

Quality Clean-Up

We believe that a good job deserves a good clean-up afterwards. Our crew prides themselves in leaving your property spotless and if possible tidier than we found it.